T&C by Dennis Pang 6’0 twin fin/thruster w/ channel bottom (1984)


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T&C by Dennis Pang twin fin/thruster setup with channel bottom. The board is all original. It has had a few dings repaired but is in overall good condition.

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Thoughtful, hard-charging Hawaiian surfer and surfboard shaper from the North Shore of Oahu. “With his feverish excitement at the approach of every new swell,” writer Tim Baker said of Pang in 1997, “his religious fitness regime, and his deep knowledge on any surf-related topic, Dennis simply oozes surf stoke.”

Pang was born (1953) and raised in Honolulu, the son of a Waikiki surfer and beachboy, and learned to surf at age nine, alongside future Hawaiian aces Keone Downing, Tom Stone, and Reno Abellira. He was a juniors division finalist in the 1967 Makaha International contest, and at 17 he competed in 1970 World Surfing Championships, in Victoria, Australia. A dedicated big-wave surfer, Pang finished 9th in the 1986 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau event at Waimea.

Pang began shaping boards in 1969, in much the same way many apprentice shapers did during the shortboard revolution—by stripping the fiberglass off an outmoded longboard and reshaping the foam core. Young Pipeline ace Gerry Lopez, who lived in the same Honolulu neighborhood at Pang, was an early shaping mentor.

Pang got his first steady shaping job in 1976 with Surfline Hawaii, just after receiving a BS in psychology from University of Hawaii. In years to come he shaped for both Lightning Bolt, Local Motion, and Town and Country, and later for his own Dennis Pang Surf Designs. Over the years Pang has made boards for world champions Martin Potter, Sunny Garcia, and Wayne Bartholomew, as well as Dane Kealoha, Larry Bertlemann, Michael Ho, Christian Fletcher, Dave Rastovich, and dozens of other first-rate surfers. Pang later branched off into racing paddleboards and stand-up paddleboards.

Read the full article @ Matt Warshaw’s Encyclopedia of Surfing…  http://encyclopediaofsurfing.com/entries/pang-dennis

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