MTB thruster w/ V2 Channel Hull 5’9 | All original (early 1980s)


*SOLD, Request to be notified when similar board available | Board Location: Hawaii *Worldwide Shipping Available*

All original 5’8 MTB thruster with the V2 Channel Hull and an insane retro checkerboard airbrush. The board is in great overall condition with minimal sun shading(a little darker sun shade on bottom left side of board as can be seen in photo).

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Don Takiyama and Donald Mulhern hooked up with Garry Brumett and the rest is history, that became MTB surfboards.  One of the hottest labels of the early 70’s. They couldn’t build enough of them… Donald Takiyama, Donald Mulhern, and Garry decided to all do their own thing, and that’s when Don Mulhern and his son Patrick Mulhern took off to Florida. Don Mulhern met Gail and got married and thats when they decided to open MTB Surf Shop in Satellite Beach in the early 70’s. Donnie glassed for Catri for a little bit and then decided to open his own shop. MTB was arguably the #1 company on the east coast going into the 80’s. The guys who built those boards were an incredible group of craftsmen.

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