Lightning bolt by Robert “Sparky” Scheufele 6’8 | All original (1979)


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All original Lightning bolt shaped by the late Robert “Sparky” Scheufele (1934 – 2012). The board is in great condition overall with only a couple minor dings. Almost no sun shading!

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Lightning Bolt: During the late 60’s there was a rapid transition from longboards to shortboards. Since the shortboard was evolving so quickly, you couldn’t build boards 6 months in advance. The big companies were producing and stockpiling boards that were already obsolete when they came to market so they took a dive. The shortboard revolution gave local shapers an opportunity. It was this evolution in the surf board manufacturing industry that gave Lightning Bolt its start.

Gerry Lopez and Jack Shipley started Lightning Bolt Surfboards in the summer of 1972 in Honolulu. According to Gerry it was just a stupid name they came up with but it made a nice symbol on the deck of a surfboard. A lot more than a nice symbol: this was when Gerry Lopez and Rory Russell were ruling Pipeline on Lightning Bolt surfboards.

Lopez played an important role in the industry of commercial surfboard manufacturing. Whilst in Hawaii, and together with other shapers, Lopez started the Lightning Bolt Surfboards brand of high performance shortboards. Lopez created the simple but eye catching Lightning Bolt jag and every surfer in 1970’s wanted one. Jack Shipley’s idea was to sponsor team riders with free boards, and Bolt became the first brand to do so, much to Gerry Lopez’s dismay. This was partially because many of the riders didn’t have the money to buy them.

Why do something like that? It’s called advertising and Jack Shipley was right. It became one of the biggest underground ad campaigns in surfing history. Lightning Bolt surfboards were being ridden by most of the best surfers in the world.

Lightning Bolt became the most widely known icon in surfing with all footage and surfing magazines our boards.

Still to this day, Lightning Bolt surf boards are a much sort after product, specifically in the world of surf collectors, with some rare boards fetching up to $15,000. The brand itself is still recognized all over the globe, as one of the genuine surf brands, with a real heritage in grass roots surfing.

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