Larry Bertlemann limited edition 6’0 “Classic twin-fin +” hand signed “LB”


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6’0 Larry Bertlemann limited edition “Classic twin-fin +” hand signed “LB” along with his famous “Anything Is Possible” quote displayed on the front and back. This board is in excellent condition, never been waxed/never touched the water. Extremely limited production and a tribute to the highly sought after 1970’s Larry Bertlemann pro-model twin-fin boards.

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Larry Bertlemann: Dynamic regular foot surfer from Honolulu, Hawaii; winner of the 1973 United States Surfing Championships, and often cited as progenitor of today’s high-performance shortboard surfing.

Nicknamed “Rubberman,” the kinetic and hyper-flexible Bertlemann surfed in a low, springy, open-knee crouch. He worked his board constantly, but the motion was blended and synched, and he brought a smoothness to even the most explosive turns. Some of Bertlemann’s best surfing was done on the Ben Aipa-designed split-railed stinger boards of the mid- ’70s. A hardcore skateboarder, the 5′ 9″, 160-pound Hawaiian regularly practiced his high-torque turns on asphalt and concrete. Bertlemann permanently altered the body dynamics of surfing, which in turn opened up the range of on-wave lines, angles, and arcs; his style was imprinted directly on a slightly younger group of Hawaiian surfers, including Dane Kealoha, Buttons Kaluhiokalani, and Mark Liddell. In the late ’70s, borrowing a move from the skateboard world, Bertlemann began working on aerials—what he immodestly called “Larryials”—and became a forerunner to high-flying Kelly Slater and the rest of the early ’90s New School surfers.

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