Herbie Fletcher single fin (early 1970’s)


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Herbie Fletcher 7’0 single fin shaped in the early 1970’s. Featuring double black pin lines, swallow tail, and beautiful blue single fin. All original condition. 

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History of Herbie Fletcher

Herbie Fletcher: “The Kid”

Known for being an exceptional surfer and shaper, contributor to the longboard renaissance,‭ ‬inventor of the surfboard traction pad (Astrodeck)‭, ‬and a talented artist.‭ ‬Herbie Fletcher was born in‭ ‬1949,‭ ‬in California. He began his surfing adventure at‭ ‬10‭ ‬years old and has been mastering his skills ever since.‭ ‬Herbie‭ “‬The Kid‭”‬ Fletcher grew up in Huntington Beach, California but left his family house by the age of 16‭ ‬to experience the charms Oahu’s North Shore.‭ ‬Always seeking a thrill and new adventure has paid off in his surfing career as well as in business.‭ ‬When his dream of‭ ‬moving to Hawaii came true,‭ ‬he followed in the footsteps of the greatest,‭ ‬especially David Nuuhiwa.‭
In‭ ‬1966,‭ ‬still just‭ ‬17,‭ ‬he‭ ‬took part in‭ the ‬World Surfing Championships and won seventh place.‭ ‬Being a semifinalist in an important competition at‭ ‬such a young age was a big success for Herbie.‭ ‬He had done a couple of small jobs and earned enough money to have a place to sleep and something to eat as he enjoyed a life in paradise.‭ ‬Making money‭ ‬as a‭ ‬surfer was beyond his wildest expectations.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬Herbie’s skill at riding big waves caught the attention of‭ ‬Hobie Alter‭ and ‬Bruce Brown.‭ ‬They decided to pay him to surf and make appearances at local malls‭ ‬talking to the youth of the day about the thrills of surfing.‭ ‬One day Herbie received an offer from Greg MacGillivray to star in his new surfing movie titled‭ “‬Free and Easy‭”‬.‭ ‬In the following years,‭ ‬he became a co-owner of the famous beach front‭ “P‬ipe house‭”‬ with Gerry Lopez, located front and center at Banzai Pipeline.‭ ‬He would set up his camera with the lens pointed right down the barrel,‭ ‬to ensure a powerfully dynamic vision.‭ ‬With that idea,‭ ‬he became a producer of the‭ “‬Wave Warrior‭”‬ video series.‭ ‬Recently,‭ Fletcher‬ released a series of edits based on his archived footage.‭ ‬Herbie Fletcher’s name is etched in history as one of the pioneers of the modern surf video.

Fletcher was also a very talented shaper ‭with‬ skills and designs that played a major part in the introduction of shortboards.  He‭ ‬had the opportunity to acquire knowledge from the legendary Phil Edwards, who became his mentor.‭ ‬Many design elements that we know today-‭ ‬such as down rails,‭ ‬are part of his merits. Herbie Fletcher’s most famous surfboard design was his square nose noserider.‭ ‬He has been shaping this model,‭ ‬as well as riding it for years.‭ ‬In‭ ‬1976,‭ ‬he‭ ‬founded his‭ ‬own‭ ‬surfboard label, Herbie Fletcher surfboards.‭ ‬When everyone was going crazy over shortboards,‭ ‬he kept‭ ‬his style,‭ ‬promoting noseriding and longboards.‭ ‬Interestingly,‭ Herbie Fletcher’s‬ famous pointed arrow logo displayed on the majority of his boards has a strong connection to his name. The surname ‭“‬Fletcher‭”‬ means “maker of arrows” coming from the French word “la flèche”. On his website he explains -‭ “‬I‭’‬ve used the arrow to propel my self through the vortex of life‭”‬.‭ ‬Allegedly,‭ ‬his mother has Native American roots however,‭ ‬she was‭ ‬adopted by a pious Nazarene preacher and there’s not much information about her natural heritage.‭ ‬The roots were always important to Herbie.‭ ‬He is father to Christian and‭ ‬Nathan Fletcher-‭ ‬both legends of the surfing world in their own right.‭ ‬From July – August‭ ‬2019,‭ ‬there was an exhibition in New York city on Madison Avenue-‭ “‬Fletcher Family:‭ ‬A Lifetime in Surf‭”‬, to celebrate Herbie as an artist.

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